Remove gel polish with the help of our triangle cuticle pushers

Perhaps the only downside to gel nails is the struggle to remove them. For many newbies out there, you may find yourselves pulling or picking at them. Whilst we appreciate this can be somewhat satisfying, we encourage you to think about the damage you’re doing to your poor nails!

If you want to be kind to your nails when removing your gel polish, then the answer lies in our multi purpose gel nail scraper tool.

When teamed with a gel remover soaked wrap, all you need to do is leave your nails to soak for a good 15 minutes. From there, get the triangle scraper and gently go over the gel polish and slowly peel away.

We promise that whilst this may be a slightly longer route to getting your gel nails off, it’s much kinder to your nail and still equally satisfying!

Don’t stop there!

If you want to continue doing best by your nails, then take a look at our nail essentials. We have gentle gel polish removers, conditioning oil and remover foil wraps that make the job of removing much easier.

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