Browse through our collection of IBD gel nail colours

If you’re like us and love all things relating to gel nails, then chances are you’ve heard of IBD and their fantastic gel polishes. Otherwise known as “The Nail People” IBD are a big name in the gel nail polish world, and we’re so honoured to stock a wide variety of their products.

They offer a wide variety of gel nail colours to choose from, all of which are long lasting, durable and absolutely stunning.

You can choose from bold reds and daring dark tones, to bright purples and blues. Whatever your type of gel nail may be, you can depend on our range of IBD gel nails.

Why choose Gel Nail Varnish?

We are passionate about gel nails and want to give people like you at home a real chance of getting salon quality nails at home. With our range of products, you won’t ever need to step into a nail salon again. We’ve got everything from topcoats and base coats, to gel nail colours, lamps and kits to get you started.

Whatever style or length you’re going for, you can have salon quality nails with our help.