Shop our range of holographic nail powder

Now that you’re a master at doing your own gel nails at home, why not step things up a notch and try something a little edgy? If you’re all about stepping outside the box and being bold, then you’ll love our range of mirror powders at Gel Nail Varnish.

The Amy G Holographic Pigment Powder 1G is a great place to start, and in order to use this powder, you’ll need to:

  • Apply gel base coat and cure under nail lamp
  • Apply gel colour coat and cure under nail lamp
  • Repeat this step (x2 coats of gel colour applied to nails)
  • Use eye shadow brush to pick the powder and apply/rub onto your nails with force, do this twice for a better effect
  • Finish by applying gel topcoat and curing under nail lamp
  • Wipe off tacky residue with a cleansing wipe/cleanser liquid
  • For best results use our No Wipe Top Coat

Amongst our collection, we also have:

Amy G Chrome Mirror Powder

Amy G Mermaid Pigment Powder

Amy G Chameleon Mirror Pigment

If you want to have all this and more, then the Amy G Mirror Powder Trial Pack is a great investment as it has everything you’ll need all in one pack.