Get ready for Halloween with our gel nail starter kits with lamp

With it being October, you officially have our permission to go crazy with your nail art and do something truly Spooktacular! Imagine cobwebs, skeletons, pumpkins and bats against orange and black nails- what a great way to celebrate Halloween in style!

Thanks to our gel nail starter kits you can own your very own Halloween inspired gel nails without having to visit the nail salons. Our kits give you everything you need to get creative at home, and they even come equipped with a lamp so you can have long-lasting nails.

Ranging in price, you can choose from various kits that cover colours such as nudes, autumn vibes, coral colours, bright bold colours and much more. Better yet, the kits come with all the files and tools needed to give yourself a true nail makeover.

Save yourself the bother of buying everything individually and instead get it all in one with our nail kits.

So, if you want to get practicing in time for Halloween, now is the time to buy! To go ahead and treat yourself this week, take a look around our website and buy today.