Make your life easier with our French manicure guides!

We all want to achieve that classic look of a French manicure, but one part of the task is getting those pesky white tips to look seamless. Whilst you may have a steady hand, the perfectionist in you will see those wonky lines or uneven edges!

It’s something that most of us struggle to achieve without great attention to detail and experience, so why not make your life easier with the help of our French manicure guides?

For just £3.99 you’ll get 3 packs of 48 guides which gives you a whopping 144 individual guides- perfect for you beginners looking to steady your hand and take your time learning the process.

Once you’ve applied your base coat and let it dry, take a sticker and gently place it on the white of the nail, ensuring both corners are firmly stuck down. From there, grab your white polish and apply a coat above the sticker and let it dry.

Afterwards, gently peel of the sticker and voila- you’ll have a perfect white line that gives you the classic French manicure style.

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