CCO Nail Gel

CCO was born from a belief that having gorgeous nails should not only be cost-prohibitive but should be accessible to everyone regardless of skill level or training and therefore focus on the development and production of low-cost quality nail gels for home and professional use.

CCO is a nail gel manufacturer established in 2004 and is a global fashion beauty brand that designs and produces nail products distributed to more than 35 countries and is extremely popular in Europe, North America and Africa.

The CCO brand is a hard-wearing, long-lasting, full range of colour nail gels with a unique formula. Natural without odour and formaldehyde, mercury or lead, CCO products do not contain volatile organic compounds and are not tested on animals, making them perfectly safe for everyday use.

Unlike traditional nail polish that only lasts a few days before it starts to chip or peel, CCO UV gel polish delivers 14+ Day Flawless Wear and Superior Colour but still retaining that fabulous high gloss shine. Cure in a UV or LED for fast curing means the polish has a zero-dry time.

CCO continues to grow from strength to strength with over 300 classic colours and expanding on its various ranges to bring high quality products at an affordable cost.

CCO’s dedication to innovation, quality and safety has established the brand in the nail industry as a global leader. Certified by international organizations for its unique formula, CCO is a proud contributor to the global beauty evolution and aims to be a top fashion inspiration for every nail lover worldwide.